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Anodizing and powder coating

The quality of aluminium profile surface is suitable for various types of application, however, there are fields of industry (such as furniture production and construction) where higher quality of surface, wide range of colours and improved protection against atmospheric conditions and corrosion are required.

In order to meet these requirements, the application of surface finish on aluminium profiles is necessary either by way of anodizing or powder coating.

Horizontal anodizing lines: 

Max. length of 15 m only for natural colour and max. 8.5 m for bronze and gold colour
layer thickness: 5 – 25 my

Horizontal and vertical lines for powder coating:

Max. length of 8.4 m
layer thickness: 60 – 100 my

Wood coating:

Powder coating + transparent decorative plastic film 

Additional pre-preparation of surface:

Grinding, mechanical polishing, wire brushing