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About us

HP Steel is a wholesale warehouse specialising in aluminium products and metallurgical material which is the result of more than 10-year experience in the field.

Based on that, a company was founded. It monitors current developmental trends and customers’ requirements according to which it adjusts its processing technologies beginning with the development of the production, transport, and storing up to the timely delivery to the end customer.

Our business activities are primarily focused on the purchase and sale of customer’s standard aluminium profiles, aluminium ingots, metallurgical products, including relevant commercial and technical services. Storing, distribution and supplies are delivered on time and directly to the customers’ warehouses.  We also cooperate with financial groups as well as the producers of aluminium and metallurgical material.

Complete range of our products:

  • Technical advisory in product development (optimisation of price and costs) 
  • Arrangement of production at several European producers in accordance to the given requirement and demand 
  • Arrangement of wide range of surface finish and mechanical machining of aluminium profiles 
  • Wide range of standard aluminium profiles 
  • Storing
  • Financing 

We supply mainly to end customers whose products are designed for the sectors of construction, transport, engineering, electrical engineering as well as equipment (home and medical application, etc.).